A Buying Guide To Floor Jacks – Factors To Be Considered

Heavy Jack

A floor jack is one item that is needed by everyone at some point time. But not all of us are aware of the factors that need to be considered before buying a good brand service floor jack like the arcan floor jack. As suggested by www.yourmechanic.com/ keeping a jack is essential for every vehicle owner for instant service or change and rotate the tires. In such cases, the best bet is to know what to look for while buying a floor jack.

The most obvious and important factor that needs to be considered is the lifting capacity of the floor jack. There is a whole range of weight that jacks can lift, and each jack has a maximum capacity. While buying check that the maximum capacity is more than what the vehicle weighs, for example, one buys a floor jack that can lift only up to two tons because the brand is good and it has excellent reviews. Such a jack would be useless if the vehicle that needs to be lifted weights three tons.

Space is another issue that needs to be factored. What is the height you want the car to be lifted too? Do you need a big space under the base of the car to work comfortably? Is the height of the garage high enough to accommodate a lifted car? A floor jack has a minimum and maximum height range. Both need to be checked before buying a service jack. In today’s world where time is a precious commodity, it is essential to check of the floor jack is quick rise model or a slower one. Faster models are especially useful for mechanics who work on a number of cars. But for personal use, a slower model also works perfectly. So think about how much time you can devote to changing or rotating tires. If you need efficient use of time, a quick rise floor jack would be a better option.

Money is a vital consideration. Especially when you realise that different floor jacks with the same specifications come at varied prices. Keep in mind that the cheapest version need not be the best model. Try to see the review of other users before finalizing a floor jack. The experience of others can give you bucket loads of information that can help make the decision. Check if it comes with a warranty. For loyal brand lovers, do ensure that the brand you like offers a floor jack that meets the specification of your vehicle.

Size and weight of the floor jack will come into consideration if you have less storage space or need to carry the jack in the vehicle. Keeping a very heavy jack in the car may not be feasible. A big floor jack might cause problems while storing it in the garage. Weigh the pro and cons of the weight and size with the capacity of the floor jack and then decide which model might be a better option for you. These easy factors will help you choose the best floor jack in a simple and competent manner.

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