Handheld Metal Detector Buying Guide

Metal Detector

If treasure hunting or beach searching is your hobby, then you probably already know that you should have a suitable metal detector. For a beginner, it is quite a challenge to decide which one to buy in the long Metal Detector List. They serve a lot of purposes from acting as a device for precautionary measure. It is even used is schools as a safety measure as per this link-www.jamaicaobserver.com/front-page/nothing-to-fear-principals-8217-association-president-says-metal-detectors-in-schools-a-preventative-measure_117220?profile=1373. It is also a handy tool for hunting metals. There are many varieties of instruments available with various features and hence buying one can be daunting. Read below to find the right detector which serves your purpose.

Features to look for in a metal detector:

Weight: Treasure hunting is a time-consuming job, and the device needs to be held in hand for a long time. If you are a beginner, then the chances of you holding the device longer are high as you have to learn to read the signals correctly. That naturally means more strain on the arm and the back. To avoid that look for a device which is not bulky and this reduces the pressure caused. Keeping that in mind many lightweight instruments are manufactured while buying look for one which you are comfortable using for a long time. A detachable control box unit should be considered if weight is a significant concern for you.

Portable: Hunting for metals or beachcombing will take you to places where you will have to travel for quite a distance. That would mean the device has to be portable; it should be easy to assemble and disassemble during travel along with it being lightweight. A compact instrument which can comfortably fit into the trunk of your car is crucial. There are many detectors which you can draw back and fold.

Alerts: The signal that the detector emits is the key to a successful treasure hunt. Depending on the type of metal found and the depth the sensor gives out different sounds. Knowing what alert signifies what is the skill which you should acquire either through experience or by reading the manual. The way the signal is produced depends on the kind of detector you buy. It can be a screen display, a readout or through a meter. The latest models of sensors have a digital display and are more informative than the meter models.

Advanced features:

● Detection Mode: The modes are a coin, prospecting, jewelry, and relic. If you are keen on going to different types of a hunt, then this is a must-have feature.
● Depth: Depending on the model, a few detectors are more adept at finding objects at a greater depth than others. The object size and shape are detrimental in detecting the object.

Based on the skill level you possess; expert’s advice is to buy a detector which has advanced features which will help them to find items that are hidden deep. The beginners will have more success with one of those superior models than the less expensive models and hence a worthy investment. It is best if you assess your skill level and then look at what features you need in the metal detector.

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