Advantages Of Using Tilt Tray Truck As A Tow Truck

A title tray truck is one the most useful inventions made in transport by man. As demonstrates, a tilt tray truck can be used to transfer prefabricated buildings to the site, machinery, sea containers and even gen-sets. As says, a tilt tray truck is a vehicle that has a flatbed which is movable. This flatbed can touch the ground by extending it. This helps load and unload the truck easily. Today we talk about another useful application of a tilt tray truck and why a service must have them. These trucks come in handy for auto-repair shops in remarkable ways. They can be used to load a damaged vehicle and transport it to the repair shop easily.

There is room for every passenger. Generally, when an accident occurs the passengers of the affected vehicle have to wait for a long time before they get a conveyance to safety. This is because a tow truck lacks space for occupants. At maximum, it can seat one person. This is okay as long as you were the only one available when the incident occurred. But what is a car malfunctions with a whole family in it. It is at times like these that tilt tray truck comes in handy. It has the capacity to seat many people in it. So, a towing service that offers a tilt tray truck rather than just a normal tow truck will have an advantage over its competitors.

When you transfer a damaged car to a repair shop by towing, it is dragged on just two wheels. This increases the possibility of it being further damaged. This is because the vehicle is already in a fragile condition and being suspended can cause even more issues. But if the recovery truck used is of tilt tray type the absolute safety of the damaged vehicle is ensured. The car that was in the accident sits safely on top of the flatbed hence no further deterioration can occur. Even more, the safety of the people on the road is assured when using a tilt tray truck. This is because the driver of the tilt tray truck can see the road behind or in front of him clearly which is an issue when using a tow truck.

Let’s say as a repair shop or towing service you are called to a location where the damaged car is either half inside a river or stuck in a ravine. Towing a truck from such a difficult position will take a long, long time. While maneuvering a tow truck can not only be problematic it can become impossible too, a tilt tray truck will have no issue. This is because instead of positioning the entire truck they just need the flatbed to get the correct position. This makes tilt tray trucks the faster option when it comes to towing vehicles from challenging locations.

With these glaring advantages, it becomes almost a necessity for any good towing service or auto-repair shop to use a tilt tray truck for stress free work.